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Our Facility

Located in the Thickson Mills Plaza at the north-west corner of the intersection of Thickson and Taunton, Morningstar Pet Hospital is a 1600 square foot facility equipped with state of the art veterinary diagnostic equipment.

Reception Area

When you walk into our clinic you will notice our clean and brightly lit reception and seating area. Our receptionist will be prompt to check you in for your appointment. There is educational material and pamphlets regarding your pet’s health care available for your review while you wait. 

Exam Rooms

We have two exam rooms available at Morningstar Pet Hospital, one designated for our canine patients and one designated for our feline patients. This is a guideline set out by the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners) Cat Friendly Practice Program to help alleviate anxiety in our feline patients by eliminating the scent of dogs from their visit. We also fill the room with pheromone spray for your cat to help make their visit more comfortable. Both of our exam rooms are equipped with everything needed for your pet’s checkup, including many illustrations and models for better communication and visualization. We use soft towels on our exam room tables to reduce slippery footing and to give your pet a ‘blankie’ to hide in if they are nervous for their appointment.

Treatment Room & Pharmacy

We bring our patients to the back into our treatment room for any procedures or treatments that need to be done such as medicating, ear cleaning, nail trimming, blood draws and much more. Here is where our hospitalized patients are kept so we can keep a watchful eye over them.  Our treatment room is also equipped with top of the line laboratory equipment for in-house bloodwork, a fully stocked pharmacy, microscope and everything our Registered Veterinary Technicians need to do their job.

Surgical Suite

We provide many surgical services at our clinic such as routine spays and neuters, soft tissue surgeries and orthopedic surgeries. Our surgical suite is fully equipped with state of the art monitoring devices, anesthetic machines and equipment so that Dr Kodsy and our RVTs can provide the best possible care for your pet before, during and after surgery. 

Digital Radiology Room

Our digital radiology unit allows us to perform important diagnostic imaging techniques in the comfort of our clinic. X-Rays are an important diagnostic tool that allow us to pin point exactly what the problem may be with your pet. Digital X-Rays are unparalleled in speed and image quality which allows us to quickly assess the type of abdominal, thoracic, or musculo-skeletal problem that may be afflicting your pet.

Dental Radiology

We are now equipped with Dental Radiographic Imaging! Radiology is an important tool for your pet’s dental care as it allows us to see any abnormalities that may be lurking beneath your pet’s gums. Our Dental Radiology Unit allows us to provide your pet with the highest standard of dental care.