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The class 4 laser therapy unit used in clinic is beneficial for treating wounds, reducing scar tissue, immunoregulation, improving nerve function and regeneration, increases the metabolism of certain tissues, reduces inflammation and pain, as well as encourages faster healing for infections and even post-surgical patients who are recovering.

How does it work?

Laser therapy is used therapeutically by utilizing light energy that is cold or low-level. It uses certain frequencies to develop a physiological change within the patient. At a molecular level, it works to reduce inflammation and lessen pain transmission. This provides the patient with healing, comfort and increased mobility.

This form of pain management can be used with other forms of relief such as medication, supplements or even acupuncture! Laser therapy is also a great alternative for senior patients or patients with heart, kidney or liver disease that are usually limited or restricted from being administered certain prescription medication.

How long are the sessions and how frequent?

The sessions are determined based on the type of laser used, as well as the power density of the unit. The length of the sessions and the scheduling frequency will vary from patient to patient depending on how chronic or acute the area of concern is.